The Machine

The Advant is a very mobile and manouverable tool.  With its low pressured foot print, it makes it ideal for working on river banks, meadows or sites of importance were minimal ground disturbance is a key.  We can move compost or soil around your garden to trenching a narrow neat trench for water pipes or electric cables.  One of the other attractions to the machine is its tellescopic boom, we are also able to reach  places that normal machines of it size can not get to.

With the number of different attachments that we have for the machine, makes the hiring a must for anyone that needs a lot of work done in a short amount of time at a reasonable cost.  We are able to travel to any site in and around the Salisbury area and further afield to surrounding counties of Dorset, Hampshire and the rest of Wiltshire.

Bellow is a list of some of the jobs we can do, so please contact us to find out if we can help you with your requirements and a firm cost for each job.

  • Post Bashing, everything from post and rail to stock fencing and tall fencing like pheasant pens and deer plantations.
  • River Bank work, moving materials to driving posts into the river bed.
  • Scrub clearance, large grab for clearing scrub and fallen trees to tiding up all tree work. 
  • Orgaring, holes from 150mm to 500mm. ideal for planting or holes for gates and fencing.
  • Lifting and moving, materials around site from bricks to bags of aggregate, spoil to top soil.
  • Stone burier, cultivating and preparing a fine seed bed for new lawns.
  • Big foot trenching machine, this is ideal for water pipes,electric cables that need to buried up to a depth of 900mm deep and a width of 100mm.  It also can be used for making a neat trench for rabbit netting.
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The Machine

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